The Belt and Road Initiative: Perspectives from Asia and Africa


Arturo Marzano and Silvia Tieri, Introduction.

Amjed Rasheed, Mediterranean Africa pivots towards China: The case of Egypt and Algeria.

Federico Donelli, The Red Sea Competition Arena: Anatomy of Chinese Strategic Engagement with Djibouti.

Arturo Marzano, The BRI and the Mashreq: The Case of Israel.

Carlo Frappi, Between Economic Benefits and Strategic Dividends. The “Middle Corridor” and Turkish-Azerbaijani Infrastructure Alliance.

Jacopo Scita, The BRI in the Persian Gulf: A Limited Driver of Sino-US Regional Competition.

Giulia Sciorati, Sino-Central Asian Heritage Cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative: Drivers, Agents, and Issues.

Silvia Tieri, A Savvy BRI Partner in India’s Neighbourhood: Bangladesh’s Balancing Act Amid Debt Crises and Power Rivalry in South Asia.


Rosario Giordano, Premessa a Carlo Carbone.

Carlo Carbone, Violenza di massa nell’Africa dei Grandi Laghi. Elementi di un’analisi in divenire.

Cleophas Karooma, Clementia Murembe Neema, Eria Serwajja, Veronica Nakijoba, Sophie Withaeckx, Gily Coene, Protractedness? A Driver to Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) among Refugees in Nakivale Refugee Settlement, Southwestern Uganda.


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