Copertina del volume 3/2017

International Solidarities and the Liberation of the Poruguese Colonies


Aurora Almada e Santos, Bernardo Capanga André, Corrado Tornimbeni and Iolanda Vasile, Introduction.

Natalija Dimić, Achievements and Limitations of Yugoslavia’s Policy in Angola during 1960s and 1970s.

Gisele Lobato, The Strange Case of Brazilian Support to the FNLA in the Final Stage of Angolan Decolonization (1975).

Aurora Almada e Santos, “Not Inclined to Be in a Secondary Position”: The Soviet Union and the Portuguese Colonial Issue at the United Nations.

Lorenzo Ferrari, The European Community as an Opposer of the Portuguese Colonial Rule: Debates and Initiatives, 1970-74.

Tramor Quemeneur, The French Networks Helping the Independence Movements of Portuguese Colonies. From the Algerian War to Third-Worldism.

Sabina Widmer, Switzerland’s Neutrality Policy in Southern Africa on the Defensive: The Swiss Government’s Reactions to Non-State Actors’ Solidarity with the Independence Struggles in the Portuguese Colonies, 1968-1974.

Alba Martín Luque, International Shaping of a Nationalist Imagery? Robert van Lierop, Eduardo Mondlane and A luta continua.


Iolanda Vasile, Tito in Africa. Picturing Solidarity.

Elizabete Sanches Rocha, A luta continua, 40 anos depois: histórias entrelaçadas da África Austral.