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L’Europa e il sud del Mondo. Quali prospettive per il post-Lomé

(Europe and the Southern World: Perspectives for Post-Lomé)

edited by Arrigo Pallotti

In Italian. Published by AIEP Editore, San Marino, Dec. 1999
Euro 12,91

The cooperation between the European Union and developing countries in Africa, in the Caribbean and in the Pacific region has come to a turning point. The levelling of EU’s international priorities after the end of the east-west conflict, as well as conflicts and underdevelopment is African countries, have shown that the model of cooperation suggested in the Lomé convention is no longer applicable. What will the new agreement on cooperation after Lomé be like? Will the EU have the political determination to tackle underdevelopment and conflicts in Africa or will it follow the policies of structural adjustment promoted by the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund? Will ACP governments be able to take up their responsibilities and promote activities, as the “partnership among equals” provides? Will the relations between the EU and ACP countries be a model for cooperation or will the “special relation” between them be broken once for all?
All these crucial questions will be addressed in this collection of papers written by some of the most relevant international experts on the EU and ACP countries.

Main topics and authors:

Political aspects of the cooperation between the EU and ACP countries
Conflict prevention and european development policy, by Marjorie Lister
Lomé IV and conditionality, by William Brown

The future of trade regimes
EU-ACP trade and trade cooperation, by Christopher Stevens
The uncertain future of ACP – EU trade arrangements, by Herni-Bernard Solignac Lecomte
The CFA and European Monetary Union, by Stephen J.D. Dearden

Regional Dynamics
Regional economic partnership agreements and regional integration in ACP countries, by Matthew McQueen
The European Union and regionalism in developing countries, by Walter Kennes
The EU-ACP Convention and the evolution of the European approach in the management of the north-south gap. The EU-South Africa agreement: a case study, by Daniel Bach

Parties and negotiations
The issues of the post-Lomé negotiation, by Bernard Petit
Life after Lomé, by Carl Greenidge

The actors of the civil society
Civil Society, development and Lomé: policy options for EU-ACP relations, by George Huggings
Creating new circles of influence. Civil society and policy making at the global level, by Muthoni Muriu
Experience of dialogue between the civil society and governments in the EU-ACP partnership, by Anne Graumans

The book has been published within the COCIS project: “Lomé 2000: from the government agreement to the partnership of societies”, with the contribution of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, General Department for Cooperation and Development, and in cooperation with the center Centro Amilcar Cabral, Bologna.