Small State
C. Biancone, L. Pasquale, G. Morganti

A complete guide to the Small State

The Republic of San Marino Art, History and Traditions

Cristina Biancone, Luca Pasquale, Giuseppe Morganti

San Marino, an organized community with its legendary roots, its own history, culture and territory, its own laws, institutions and people.

Natural beauty, vast views of the sea and the Apennines, sunsets, history to be found in every corner, the strong identity of the institutions, the idea of freedom which dominate the entire territory represent a spectacle which no citizen in the world should forgo.

The Guide to the Small State is the tool to discover the greatness of the smallest and oldest Republic in the world.

  • The Guide to the Small State is a modern tool which uses the most advanced techniques of distribution by print of complex information
  • The map, which opens by extending the last page of the book, contains information on the most important monuments and places in the historic centre and by mean of different colours helps to follow the itineraries designed by the authors
  • the illustrations and captions offer a quick view of the historical and landscape information and represent the immediate memory of the visit made.
  • the time lines summarize very briefly the history by figuratively placing events in order to better understand their connection

Everyone should witness at least once in their lifetime its natural beauty, the fine views of the sea and the Apennine mountains, the sunsets, the history that is present in every corner, the solid institutions and the feeling of freedom which dominates the whole country.

The Guide to the Small state was created for readers who wish to understand the reasons which allowed the Republic to preserve its identity and freedom over the past 1700 years.

First edition (2021)
Pages: 208
ISBN: 88-6086-194-8