Anno di edizione: 2015
N°dell’edizione: 3/2015 – A. XVII
Pagine: 128
Isbn: 88-6086-125-2
Prezzo: € 13,00
THE NEW HARVEST – Agrarian Policies and Rural Transformation in Southern Africa
a cura di Davide Chinigò

African Peasantry, Rural Transformations and Land Grabbing in Contemporary (Southern) Africa
Mario Zamponi

Land grabbing and agricultural commercialization duality: Insights from Tanzania’s transformation agenda
Emmanuel Sulle

The Future of Agriculture in Zimbabwe? The expansion of contract farming and its impact on smallholder income and production
Gareth D. James

The role of land policies, land laws and agricultural development in challenges to rural livelihoods in Africa
Pauline E. Peters

Land Law, Power, Rural Development in post-Independence Mozambique
João Carrilho and Uacitissa Mandamule

Land reform and customary authorities in contemporary Malawi
Davide Chinigò

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