AeO XXI 3 2019

Counting the Cost of War: the Great War's Economic Impact on Africa


Karin Pallaver and Massimo Zaccaria, Introduction. Counting the Cost of War: The Economic Impact of the First World War and its Aftermath on African Societies.

Federico Cresti, By Hunger, if not by Arms: The Strategy of the Italian Control on Libya during the First World War.

Massimo Zaccaria, “Not a Hectare of Land Shall Remain Uncultivated this Year!” Food Provisions for Italy and the Role of the Colonies, 1917-1918.

Fabio Ecca, “Blessed be the Sultan and the Money of the Italian”. The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into War Expenditure on the Economic Management of Libyan Territories between 1913 and 1922.

Bill Nasson, Crisis and Opportunity: The Union of South Africa’s First World War Economy.

Karin Pallaver, Pockets Full of Rupees, but Bodies Very Weak: The Carrier Corps and their Demobilization at the end of WWI in East Africa.

Charlotte Walker-Said, Expanding Wealth and Expanding Inequality in the Economic History of Equatorial Africa After World War I.


Fabio De Blasis, Export-Oriented Horticulture and Female Labour in Post-Socialist Tanzania: Poverty Reduction or Exploitation?