AeO XXII 2 2020

Continuity and Rupture in Ethiopia under the Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front

Davide Chinigò, Introduction.

Tefera Negash Gebregziabher, Was EPRDF’s Ethiopia a “Developmental Patrimonial” State? A Critical Engagement.

Yeshiwas Degu Belay, Emanuele Fantini, Iginio Gagliardone, The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: Media Narratives and State Building.

Logan Cochrane, Melisew Dejene Lemma, The Expansion of Social Protection Systems in Ethiopia: Continuity or Rupture of Citizen-State Relations.

Davide Chinigò, Manufacturing and Labour Mobilisation in EPRDF Ethiopia. A Household Perspective on the Rise and Uncertain Prospects of the Textile Industry in Tigray.

Aurora Massa, “Things Change, but the Situation is Always the Same”. Continuities and Ruptures in the Border between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Luca Puddu, A Contested Internal Frontier: The Politics of Internal and International Borders in North-Western Ethiopia.

Yonas Ashine, Universities as Contested Terrain. Interpreting Violent Conflict in Ethiopia in Times of Political Transition.

Serawit Bekele Debele, Ethiopia in Transition: Thinking with Feminist Notions of Waloo, Tumsa and Wallala.