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L’Impero ottomano alla Conferenza di Berlino (1884-85): imperialismo e anti imperialismo all’epoca di Abdülhamid II
Nicola Melis

Codice Doi

The Ottoman empire, a member of the Concert of Europe, was not the victim of European
imperialism in the late nineteenth century, but consciously tried to adapt its governance
structures to the context of interimperial rivalry, showing itself as an imperialist and
expansionist state. The Ottoman agreement to the terms of the General Act of Berlin
was a tool both to resist imperialist pressure and assert itself as also legally entitled to
colonies in Africa well beyond Sahara. In this concern, istrumentalizing international law
was a particularly daring move for the empire.
Keywords: Ottoman International Law, Hinterland, Imperialism, Anti-Imperialism, Act of
Berlin (1884-85)