Anno di edizione: 2015
N°dell’edizione: speciale 2014
Pagine: 200 p.
Isbn: 88-6086-116-0
Prezzo: € 13,00

Special issue 2014

The land question in Mozambique between community rights and investments
Edited by Roberta Pellizzoli
(issue in Italian)

Roberta Pellizzoli

Balancing two systems? Agricultural policy and rural development dynamics in Mozambique
Mario Zamponi

Family farming in Mozambique: the politics of not having politics?
Joao Mosca

Land, rural development and the labour question in the Mozambican’s Portuguese colonial policy
Corrado Tornimbeni

Indigenous reserves, villages and resettlement: State, community and land in Mozambique
Carlos Manuel Serra

The long history of land grabbing in Chókwè irrigation scheme: an analysis of the gender implications
Roberta Pellizzoli

Challenges in participatory land governance: decentralization and the role of local governments in decisions for land investments
Alda Salomão

“We have no money nor time for breakfast”: reflections on food vulnerability in northern Mozambique
Sara Stevano

Credit for rural development in Mozambique: the case of Memba district in Nampula Province
Nelson Capaína

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