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Dall’equivoco all’epilogo.
L’Impero ottomano e il
linguaggio giuridico occidentale

di Eliana Augusti

Codice Doi

In 19th-century Europe, the juridical texture of space changed totally. Europe’s strategy
moved in step with the westernization/modernization process of the Ottoman empire and
its attempt to survive the crisis and keep up with the first ‘global’ competition. This article
investigates the effects of the ambiguous European inclusion/exclusion policies towards
the empire, highlighting the interplay of the Christian paradigm and international law.
The aim is to reveal the responsibilities and wrongs of international law as a premature
and undefined law, and to apply the appealing concept of ‘entanglement’ to a new, more
global historiography on the fall of the Ottoman empire.

Keywords: Ottoman empire, International law, Global historiography, 19th century,