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Antimperialismo e islam nella
retorica di Mustafa Kemal
Atatürk: un’analisi del linguaggio
politico (1919-1924)
Fulvio Bertuccelli

Codice Doi

The essay analyses some basic features of the political language employed by Mustafa
Kemal Atatürk in the years between 1919 and 1924 focusing specifically on antiimperialism and Islam. Taking into account the evolving political balance and the ideologies which had an influence within the Anatolian resistance movement, the
investigation shows how Mustafa Kemal did build-up an eclectic political discourse which
mixed elements from ottomanism, nationalism, socialism and pan-islamism as well. In
this perspective I evaluate some significant talks given by Mustafa Kemal in the Turkish
Grand National Assembly. I first evaluate the rhetorical use of bolshevism in building up
an anti-imperialist discourse, then I deal with the general features of Mustafa Kemal’s
religious language reflecting on Islam both as identity politics and in its relationship with
the institution of the Ottoman Caliphate. The investigation concludes that this changing
and multifaced rhetoric played a crucial role in legitimizing Mustafa Kemal not only as
the military chief but also as the political leader of the Turkish National Movement.
Keywords: Atatürk, Political Language, Anti-imperialism, Islam, Ottoman Caliphate.