I Libri di A&O – 2003

Afriche, Diaspore, Ibridi
Il concettualismo come strategia dell’arte africana contemporanea

(Conceptualism as a strategy in contemporary African art

ed. Eriberto Eulisse

In Italian. AIEP Edizioni, Bologna, 2003

Euro 13

Is it possible to define a contemporary conceptual African art? If so, which is its contribution to the global artistic modernism? And which is its contribution in structuring a transcultural aesthetic? Today the artists who interpret and translate in new languages of artistic expression specific social and aesthetic experiences of Africa and of its diaspora, filtered by experiences of colonialism, post colonialism, migration and globalisation, are more and more numerous. Afriche Diaspore Ibridi deals with modernism and post-modernism in African art and with diapsora from a critical perspective elaborated by African scholars and editors. Particular deepening finds here the issues inherent to transnational and transcultural aesthetic, diaspora, exile, memory, identity and the problem of representativeness of new African aesthetic in the international art system.
This volume has been thought like a synthesis of critical strategy aimed at uproot those obsolete prejudgments and those stereotypes that still consider Africa as a dark and mysterious continent, where anonymous artists of underdeveloped nations would be continuously strained to put themselves at par of the western vanguards without success.
The essays included in the volume (essays of Salah Hassan, Okwui Enwezor, Valentin Y. Mudimbe, Iftikar Dadi, Gilane Tawadros, Ali Mazrui, Olu Oguibe, Alessandro Triulzi, Florence Alexis ed Eriberto Eulisse) cover contemporary visual art in all its expressions (video, photo, installations, performances, plastic art) in particular during the last two decades.
Africa Diaspore Ibridi has been devised for the Italian audience to introduce a debate bordering from art, anthropology and social sciences, oriented to requalify the conceptualism in African art as a vital source of specific contributions in the world system of art; in a spare Italian bibliographical scenery it represents both a flexible and specialist instrument to cope with these themes.

Forum For African Arts (New York), Nka, Journal of Contemporary African Art (Cornell University, Ithaca, New York), bencivartgallery (Pesaro, Italy), Programme Afrique en créations, Association Française d’Action Artistique (Afaa, Paris), International Institute for Visual Arts (inIVA, London).

The volume Afriche, Dispore, Ibridi Il concettualismo come strategia dell’arte africana contemporanea (edited by Eriberto Eulisse, AIEP edizioni, Bologna, 2003) will be presented on the occasion of the exhibition “Fault Lines: Contemporary African Art and Shifting Landscapes” (edited by Gilane Tawadros) within the 50th International Art Biennal in Venice (15th June – 31st October 2003). An initiative co-funded by the Forum For African Arts of New York and from the bencivartgallery in Pesaro. For sale from the Biennal Bookshop and in Feltrinelli Libraries.